A funky circus street show

A street show that looks retro and feels contemporary. A chaplinesque character with a hat and a walking cane entertains his audience with effortless juggling, then charms them with a gentle magic. He does not speak but you understand him. You don’t know him but he looks familiar. He walks on the rope, he does acrobatics on his ladder, he rolls his crystal ball around his body and he manipulates his hat & cane, keeping it stylish and fun. Get the Hat is 30 minutes of relaxed physical clowning, suitable for people of all ages. It is also … free bananas.

The show has been in constant development ever since I started busking on the streets of Berlin 3 years ago. I have deconstructed and reconstructed it many times since, always aiming to find a balance between being understood by everyone and meeting my artistic criteria. Since this is a research of my own clown, the show will continue to grow and change.