(Slovenia; France/Morocco; Spain; Russia; Slovenia; Slovenia; Slovenia)

(Non)abstract improvisational theatre

Despite our different cultural backgrounds, we share a few languages, a few passions and the same goal: to unleash our creativity and co-create. Unlike other arts, improvisational theater is ephemeral and created only from and for the attendants. That is why anything can affect the performance: the mood of the people, the ambient of the place, the sounds of the music, the connection between the bodies or even the silences of the minds.

In order to create as we go, we need to deal with our egos, listen deeply to each other, learn to accept and let go, follow our body impulses, easy our minds and be bold in our decisions. The most magical part of improvising is to create a whole word out of nothing just because both the improvisers and the spectators believe in it. In our show, any idea from the viewers will inspire us to present a few abstract scenes full of floating possibilities. It is up to the audience to decide which abstract scene will spark a whole story, and we hope the choice will be made from intuition, because we trust our impulses and we want the public to trusts theirs.