(Chile, Switzerland, Argentina, España)

Art-Installation, Puppet Theatre

Teatro en Miniatura is an ideal theatre installation. It consist of four individual boxes, inside each box there is an unique and personalized show, for just one spectator at the time. Watching trough a small peephole and listening with headphones, you can discover a world full of magic and surprises, sounds and music, and enjoys a unique private show. Each show takes between 3 and 4 minutes, without language, but only music, the universal language. The shows are for everyone from about 3 years old. For everyone that wants to discover a different and special way of puppet theatre.

El Apartamento

Les presentamos el trailer de nuestra cajita Lambe Lambe "El Apartamento"! Mil gracias a Alissa Withrow por su talento camarografico! <3

Objavil/a Colectivo Gran Chichornia dne Torek, 16. februar 2016