Alternative rock pop with gipsy swing

NOAIR is a four member band coming from slovenian coastal region, mainly playing plugged electrick gigs. They chose some of their favourite songs from their first and second album and gave them a funky new disguise in rythm and blues, bossa nova and gypsy swing. It turned out not only they managed to turn alternative rock and grungy tunes into acoustics, but that the music they recreated actually sounds really different.

Four musicians and one idea – to give the Slovene alternative rock a completely new and fresh dimension. The beginnings of the music group NoAir stretch back to the year 2012, when singer and guitarist Maks Bembič wrote their debut album Existential and with it characterized the music concept of the new group. With the connection of various music genres, and many-sided knowledge and skills, the gathered four added more dynamics to the alternative frequencies in which they move. The group NOAIR is focused on tunefulness, which can be seen through the numerous disguises of the sounds and rhythms. As the musicians love to play with the edges of alternative and popular culture they named the genre of their creations alternative pop. This style can be compared with the post-rock and grunge of the great stages.