Slovenian experimental voodoo fusion

Transnatura sometimes feels like being somewhere in the misty dark forest sorounded by naked witches dancing around the fire, and sometimes you’ll be thrown into kind of ecstatic rapture by enchanting female vocal variations and tribalistic rhythms. It’s sounds just like if Emir Kusturica, Laibach, White Zombie and Dead Can Dance had an orgy together.

Transnatura is unique and very complex work of art, it’s a bewitching experiment that with use of untypical elements offers music for those who are willing to explore the depths of something evil, wicked and dark in nature, but at the same time it’s so very alive and colourful. Transnatura is a project that brings shivers down the spine and has a strong replay value, yet we’re sure that with every consequent listen you’ll be able to discover more and more hidden things. Everything in Transnatura is there to stimulate the listener senses to maximum and in the end I can only say that everyone who is open enough to discover new things should give it a try.