contemporary flamenco dance performance

In the project, ŠvarcTanc = ŠvarcTanc, whose name duplicates the name of the group, we are exploring communication, interpersonal relationships, and the baseline platform that unites the otherwise heterogeneous group of individuals. We use the movement and rhythmic code of flamenco, as well as the frame, structure and rhythmical commandments, which are acting as the basis, the constant and the call for change and research.

Identity is the main driving force of change.

Usurpation of the established structure and context, appropriated and remodeled into the main driver of change. Mechanism and automatism of the everyday as the causes of alienation are converting individual into an object with no flash and no meaning, caught in the spirals and interspaces. In the constant fight against such attitude, we seek to revive our subject, and are thus constantly struggling with the fact that we are nothing more than an object to the other, deprived of our true meaning. Looking for an opportunity to tear ourselves out of this, we are creating our own waving, we are bending space and time according to our liking. We are looking for an opportunity to increase our energy, to become more massive, more prominent, more attractive, hated, rejected, conformists or dissidents. Flamenco is a medium that enables us to achieve this, that intensifies and highlights the motion, adding weight, flesh and meaning to it.

„I am a red rocket, igniting, burning, dying. // Everywhere is silence: in the fields, in the sky, in the clouds, I’m the only one escaping, burning with my scalding fire and I can’t reach the silence.” (S. Kosovel, Red Rocket).