BALKAN ACCORDION - 22. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

This program is for accordionist and other musicians and for everyone interested in Balkan music! The plan is to cover these topics: 

How to practice:

Learning easy and advanced balkan melodies by heart and by partituras.

How to search for the best sound on accordions registers/other instruments - sound arrangement.


Arrangement (second voice, bass, figure, rhythm patterns).


Uroš Jezdić (SI)

Uroš Jezdić (SI) is an amazing musician with 20 years of study and playing of Balkan music. He has been learning directly from the local folk musicians of the region. Uroš has developed different styles and techniques of accordion playing which he now mixes as guest musician in the several ensembles he plays in. He also composes and performs for Slovenian theaters and film productions.