Husam Abed / Dafa Puppet Theatre (CZ)

The Smooth Life


Husam Abed

A non-traditional solo documentary puppet performance for 8 spectators with a culinary surprise at the end. Stories and situations from the family life of a Palestinian man born and raised in a refugee camp in Jordan, performed and directed by himself in an intimate account of his homeland´s history during the last 70 years. Husam Abed was born and raised in Baqa’a refugee camp, the biggest Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. Audience sit around the table while food is prepared, he tells the stories of his family's diaspora in a charming and evocative way in the context of the political events in region. With soulful music and the power of the objects you get very close to something that seems very distant. All this is accompanied by video projections objects, photos, maps, videos and especially raw "recycled" materials - tin cans, wire, paper, wood, rice grains - and a good old storytelling. Abed speaks loudly, whispers, hits the table with his fist, sings and dances. We hear stories about a life and experiences far away from our reality. At the table, art connects with life and creation mixed with realism. Abed uses the stories of his own personal and daily life to create an atmosphere that fills all our senses.  Cast: Stage Design: Réka Deák | Dramaturge: Marek Turošík | Performed and directed by: Husam Abed | Music: Folk, Tareq Al Jundi| Production @ DAMU – Czech Republic