Katjuša Kovačič, Alen Licul, Lara Pleše, Vesna Cesar, Iuri Rodrigues, Aleksander Kuzmič

Workshops & Spontaneous Performances

Capoeira comes from Brazil and manifests itself as a physical and cultural expression. It catches the eye with its acrobatics, elegant moves, martial arts precision and dance-like beauty. It warms the heart with its game, music, ritual and philosophy. Beside movement vocabulary and games we will also explore african-brazilian culture and musical expressions that Capoeira is influenced by and intertwined with, like: - African ritualistic music (mostly Western parts of the North and Central-African regions) - Polyrhythmics - Trans-like mystical state - Native Brazilian cultures - Portuguese culture Capoeira is also connected with samba, bossa nova and other Brazilian rhythms. Today, however, it is also developing in the direction of new improvisations, compositions and poetry, we will present author songs written and composed by Katjuša Kovačič.