Midva Med Nama: Improviser's Cut

Sara Šoukal, Luka Piletič, plus we might someone in the festival to join as musician

Improvised Theatre

Sara Šoukal and Luka Piletič created a theatre performance Midva med nama. Unable to include everything they wanted, they also developed the performance’s improvised cousin – Midva med nama: Improviser's Cut. In it they explore the functionalities and dysfunctionalities of life in partnership. They play with different aspects of a relationship between two people, in which love is supposed to be the main point of contact. What introduces elements of dysfunctional and disruptive into a relationship and what gives it a fundamental stability and rhythm? The performers are not trying to bring up a magnificent universal story or answer the eternal question “What is Love?” because admittedly they know nothing about it. Instead they address the merging of the seemingly incompatible dichotomies that form relationships.