Robin Szombath

Miniature Box Theatre

Founded in Escaravelho, a little cosy squat house at the Douro river in the rainy, foggy city of Porto, Portugal since 2021 homelessness, vacancy and occupation is the issue in this miniature theatre played in a box with sound and light installed. But what the audiences might see and interpretate in the +-3 minutes long plays is left to everybody's imagination and current needs in life. ...occupation? Fishermen? Critics about capitalism? Anarchy and Pirates? Colonization? Daily life-scenes? A portuguese lack of prospects? Society's dejection or idyllic scene in life? A self portrait? Maybe there's no plot needed. A sequence of recycled materials and fine colours for sure at least will be inside. A short view into an other smaller and magic whatever-dimensional world with one eye of your choice through the tiny hole as soon as the curtain opens. A unique single spectator impression, due to who knows what will be shown in a minute later? We never know, I never know... Lambe Lambe