Andy Spigola: BOATO

Noveau Clown, Visual Comedy, Street theater

Andy Spigola, anxious playboy, lover of magics, dance and height with improbable feats on the edge between idiocy and courage will take you to an absurd world where a single password is in force: BOATO! A show that unites street theater, the clown and a personal research on the use of stilts and height as a challenge. BOATO was staged in the most beautiful Italian squares and at various festivals in Italy and Europe including: Cirk Fantastik 2020 (IT), BuskerBus 2020 (PL), Circonferenze Festival 2021 (IT), Festival Art & Life Vulichich 2021 (CZ), Festival Ultima Provincia 2021 (IT), winner of “Pinocchietto d’oro” award at the Clown&Clown Festival 2021 (IT), Carnaval Sztukmistrow 2022 (PL) and Festiwal OFCA 2022 (PL)

Andrea Mineo. performer


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