CAPOEIRA LJUBLJANA & Movement and Music workshop

capoeira, movement and music

Separate workshop for adults and childre. Capoeira comes from Brazil and manifests itself as a physical and cultural expression. It catches the eye with its acrobatics, elegant moves, martial arts precision and dance-like beauty. It warms the heart with its game, music, ritual and philosophy. Beside movement vocabulary and games we will also explore african-brazilian culture and musical expressions that Capoeira is influenced by and intertwined with, like: - African ritualistic music (mostly Western parts of the North and Central-African regions) - Polyrhythmics - Trans-like mystical state - Native Brazilian cultures - Portuguese culture Capoeira is also connected with samba, bossa nova and other Brazilian rhythms. Part of project Izrazi se 2023.

Katjuša Kovačič // Nikola Orešković // Vesna Cesar // Andraž Purger // Tanja Vrhovnik // Alen Licul // Lara Pleše // Teodora Tadej // Maruša Krajnc // Ana K


pet, 28.07.2023 14:00Drugje