Danijela Zajc: Etida za prepariran klavir in vrv

contemporary aerial circus

PROGRAMME Overture Allegro sostenuto Staccato risoluto Morbido Etude for prepared piano and rope is a concert in which you can hear sounds that you would never consider to have come out of a piano. An ordinary disassembled piano is set on the floor with strings turned up, reminding us of a harp, offers a whole universe of possibilities for musical experimentation. By her use of classical and experimental manipulation, the performer conducts a concert primarily played by an aerial rope. Everything in the world is connected, it co-exists and co-affects. The author Danijela Zajc explores the interaction of a prepared piano with classical acrobatics on an aerial rope. Her movements are transformed into rope oscillations which in turn change into sound waves of different frequencies and amplitudes, modulated by concurrent sound processing by Tine Vrabič /Tjaž Juvan. Thus sounds get transposed back into movements and vice versa, interacting with the audience. The oscillations passing from the performer onto the spectators create interactions open for unpredictable situations. In her conception the author poses the questions: How do our bodies and emotions respond to the environment and social reality? To what extent this reality gets reproduced back and to what extent can we change it? Are we constantly in the process of searching for an equilibrium? At the micro as well as the macro level: from reacting to the sound of a string to reacting to capitalist devastation. The idea for this work stems from the author’s involvement in the Cirkusarna Naokrog, an autonomous space in the squatted Rog Factory in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which was forcefully evicted and demolished in 2021. It was there where the author found and prepared the old piano. The Autonomous Rog Factory left a lasting mark on the author. This work is a tribute to the Factory!

Zajc Danijela, concept, choreography, music and movement


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Pozor! Dogodek se odvija v noči iz SOB na NED oz. SOB pooozno zvečer :)