Delavnica šamanskega diha z Notranjim objemom

breathing, healing sounds, meditation, facial yoga

The Shamanic Breathing Ritual is an intense, powerful yet gentle journey that takes you on a journey of transformation and deep relaxation through breathing techniques and different musical instruments. In peace, we remember again that we are love and that we breathe together as one big heart. The technique also releases DMT in a completely gentle and non-invasive way, which helps to better understand one's own being, and at the same time the technique increases the flow of oxygen, effectively alkalizing (de-oxygenating) our body, thus helping the body to self-heal and have higher energy levels. It is one of the most complete and natural methods for calming the mind, strengthening the body and releasing emotional blockages. We find that there is an inner healer within each of us that can be activated in deep peace and relaxation.

Dejan Hrnčič, vodenje, inštrumenti / Nina Posel, gibanje, vodene meditacije / Klemen Lorber, inštrumenti


ned, 30.07.2023 12:00Polhi v krošnjah