Der Šenster Gob

Easteuropean Folklore Concert

Der Šenster Gob is an acoustic band from Prague, CZ, playing gipsy, klezmer, and other kinds of traditional music from eastern Europe. The group is combining a variety of styles, from old klezmer tunes, to modern Slovakian gipsy songs, Romainan horas and Hungarian halgatos, all spiced up with jazz-influenced improvisations and inventive arrangments, while keeping respect to tradition. Their concerts usually turn into a dancing party. During their ten year history, they have travelled most of europe and played almost 500 gigs.

Matěj Heinzl - clarinet, voice, Vojtěch Vasko - doublebass, voice, Jan Vítů - guitar, voice, Martin Sochor - violin, voice


pet, 28.07.2023 14:00Kapelica

sob, 29.07.2023 19:00Polhstrešje