Dražen Franolić & Emil Gabrić: Music of the Moment

Ambiental Ethno-jazz concert

Music of the Moment performed by Dražen Franolić (oud) and Emil Gabrić (viola) is an instrumental meditative fusion of world music, jazz, classical music, and ethno. The performance is never the same twice. The compositions spur at the moment and are fluid, reshaping themselves and changing along the way because Dražen Franolić and Emil Gabrić play with their rich experience, their intuition, feelings, and even their subconsciousness. The atmosphere and the sensation of this music will frame the path for the audience to lose themselves for a moment, forget the daily troubles and the rushed reality that surrounds us, to let the sound transform them and get in touch with themselves.

Dražen Franolić, oud ; Emil Gabrić, viola


čet, 27.07.2023 20:00Plavajoči oder