Impro liga: Borba

Competitive improvised theatre

In classic theatre sports fashion, two teams will be created on the spot, which will then face off in a series of improvised scenes. We have no script, no scenography and no idea what is going to happen! The audience will pick the best scenes and the winner, as well as give suggestions which will inspire the scenes.

Jaka Korošec, improviser // Teodora Švet, improviser // Nina Beganovič, improviser // Doroteja Jemec, improviser // Kristina Popit, improviser // Teja Goli, improviser // Veronika Vižintin, improviser // Olivija Grafenauer, improviser // Sara Gorše, improviser // Liza Katarina Močnik, improviser


sob, 29.07.2023 17:00DJ Ana