In 27 years of operation and existence and 7 recorded original albums, the group recorded a concert for Radio Slovenia this year. Guests were also invited to the project (wind and brass section, electric guitar), and for the first time a new member played with the group, exceptional Žiga Kožar on drums. JAZOO with a program that consists of songs from all albums and from different genres, usually surprises the audience and always takes the listeners to different states and feelings. JAZOO consists of 5 regular members, who are occasionally joined by 4 guests at concerts. This makes the music even more colorful and the stage full of intense energy. The music is extremely dynamic, consisting of both simple and complex rhythms.

Tomaž Pačnik, el. piano, keyboards, accordion // Matjaž Mlakar, soprano&tenor sax, clarinet, effects // Katja Stare, sopran&alt flute, tenor sax, voice, small percussions // David Novak, el. bass guitar // Žiga Kožar, drums, darbuka // Matevž Špegel Štaher, el. guitar // Gregor Šteharnik, alt sax // Luka Krof, trumpet // Žan Plohl, trombone


sob, 29.07.2023 19:00Kovačija