Johannes Fend

Sonic Journey

Johannes Fend invites the audience to join him on a sonic ‘Hero’s Journey’. The debut solo album of the Austrian bass player, is a cinematic exploration of the incredible spectrum of sound that the double bass offers. In line with its name, the album is not just a collection of pieces, but one grand adventure, where each piece plays its role in telling the overarching story. With the first piece "Enter", we are transported into a different world. There we go through different experiences, each of which is represented by a composition. Finally "The Return" brings us back to the concert venue and we arrive again in the here and now. "After hearing the last notes of the album fade away, we could only stammer three letters: Wow!"- Hans Vermeulen (Luminous Dash), about Journey You can find out more about the album here: https://

Johannes Fend - Double Bass & Vocals


pet, 28.07.2023 20:00Pedentarska (Grad)

sob, 29.07.2023 14:00Izvir