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Kokosy are a 4-dimensional being of a mostly musical nature that offers a fresh breeze of indefiniteness to the Slovenian musical sphere. As far as their genre is concerned, Kokosy - Bors, Izi, L'Bron and Drobo - don't like to specify it too much. One could say they represent a new wave of indie-pop-jazz-funk-softboi-rock. Since 2019 the boys have made themselves quite recognisable with performances at Ortobar, Kino Šiška, MENT and similar concert venues and festivals. Critics rated their first album, Hude Bejbe na Dopustu (Hot Babes on Vacation), as a one-of-a-kind musical and lyrical creation of relaxation and honesty. Their second album, Čustveni vrtiljak (Emotional Rollercoaster), was presented in April this year in the concert hall of Kino Šiška. From a band underage, Kokosy are slowly maturing, with new songs and a plenty of concerts, or as Izi's mother says: "This little ensemble of yours is going places!" Kokosy: Anže Jozue Lajevec: acoustic triangle Izidor Dario Valič: two-headed xylophone Boris Matild Kokalj: electric toothbrush Martin Drobnič - Drobo: bolivian pan flute

Boris Kokalj, guitar and voice //Anže Lajevec, synth and voice // Martin Drobnič, bass and voice // Izidor Valič, drums and voice


čet, 27.07.2023 20:00Kovačija