Etno, psychedelic & rock

Kosan is a multidimensional musical ensemble, immersed in the research of interharmonic, rhythmic relations of melodic world ethnography in interstellar space. Composed of modular music units, this collective transforms space and time with a bath of explosive Balkan melos, psychonautic landscapes and danceable vibrations into a transpersonal experience accessible to everyone. By carefully listening to the vibrations of the audience, Kosan acts as a portal between worlds, questioning human consciousness and spirituality through frequency currents within musical values.

Roko Margeta, keyboard, and flute // Sunčica Dropulić, violin // Tomislav Balala, didgeridoo // Marko Šturman, drums // Pavle Kladarin, bass // Dejan Perčić, guitar // Leo Hrs, djembe // Filip Borelli, vocal


pet, 28.07.2023 19:00Polhstrešje