Amo & Team

Singer vs. Rapper Show

Amo Also known under his full moniker, Amo Socialec, is an experienced MC with wast catalogue and achievements within national hip-hop scene. He is a former Slovenian freestyle battle champion and two times vice-champion. He has released numerous projects over the course of his carrer, most notable being his album »En Dan« (2016) and »#ProjektVida EP«(2019). The message in his work has been reflected in his doings, as mostly all of his releases were based around social actions and activism. Continuing his interest in showbiz behind the scenes, he co-founded SadPornRecords with R'n'B singer LAV, in the means to help further their careers and also to help other youngsters that will follow in their footsteps. He started building various forms of his teams, including SadPorn with LAV (Rapper vs. Singer project). During Floating Castle, he will present his new army of fellow musicians, each with individual accomplishments, but joined to form one unique team.

Mišel Ristov Aljaž Šešo Sašo Jr. Ristov Evelina Soršak


sob, 29.07.2023 18:00Jerica