Le Figliole: Musica Viandante

traditional world music

We are a group of women who loves telling stories with our music. In our show, we carry people around the world, trough songs that talk about love, fights for rights and old legends. People will dance with us on many rhythms: from south Italy, with pizzica and tarantella, to latin music from South America, passing by hopping balkanic music.

Pamela Cerchi, voice, violin, charango, percussion & marranzano// Rachele Giannini, voice & guitars// Satì Piastrelli, voice, ukulele & percussions // Martina Lazzeri, voice & percussions // Luisa Arcieri (voice, percussions & melodica) Teresa Dereviziis (voce e violino)


sob, 29.07.2023 22:00Hrast

ned, 30.07.2023 12:00Kovačija