Mihael Hrustelj Solo

solo vocal, guitar & FX show

Take a dive into The World of Mihael Hrustelj composer, arranger and guitarist. Originally coming from Slovenia, currently based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where he also graduated from the conservatory of Codarts. He is known for his uniqueness by mixing the sound of a nylon string guitar with guitar drumming, effect pedals, bass keyboard and his voice. These traits are making him recognizable and exciting to a broader audience all over the world. The music itself follows no limitations and is enriched with all genres with its core in world and Balkan music. The strength of his performance lies in rhythm and dynamics, which result in moments of pin dropping silence up to complex virtuosic guitar playing. Putting his music in a specific genre might come across as ‘refreshingly puzzling’. He has released 5 albums under his own name and label – Worldwide music label. He is considered as one of the greatest Slovenian guitar masters. As a composer, he is currently working on collaborations with choirs and big bands as well as playing together with the great Teofilović twins, a vocal duet from Serbia.

Mihael Hrustelj - Guitar, vocal, FX


sob, 29.07.2023 20:00Klet (Grad)