Mušnica, má milá!

neo - balkan - trash

Mušnica má milá is an international music collective Draws inspiration from today's wedding bands of the “near-east” rooted deeply in traditional folk dances of Eastern Europe and the Balkans influenced by electronic music, jazz and crazy late night jams The M.m.m. collective performs as a quartet with Czezh clarinetist/saxophonist Matej Heinzl (Tygroo, Shenster Gob, …) Slovenian drummer Aleš Zorec (Karavana iluzij, AutEtno, Los Hostes, On the roof quartet…) violinist/keyboardist Gaja Sušelj from Luxemburg (Ornamentation station, Etnohisteria world orchestra, …) and bassist Luka Dobnikar (...). Live session of dirty/raw (turbo) folk. incepted on a festival-afterparty all-night jam in summer of 2020, Born in january 2023 when it performed its trial version

Hatěj Heinzl, Aleš Zorec, Gaja Suselj, Luka Dobnikar


čet, 27.07.2023 18:00Hrast