Italy meets the Balkans

A Venetian violinist, a Spanish one, a Polish cellist, a Trentino saxophonist and a Neapolitan percussionist meet among Bulgarian dances, Romanian suites and songs of Serbian and Macedonian tradition. These are the colors that transport the public in different dimensions. The songs in the repertoire, rearranged by Nubras, arise from travels, from meetings made in recent years in Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania. Each of them is the bearer of a story, of an exchange with local musicians and with professionals who have been studying this repertoire for years.

Carla Mulas González, violin, Giulia Anita Bari (violin), Rachel Blueberger (cello), Giorgio Gadotti (alto sax, gajda), Luca Cioffi (percussion), Nino Conte (accordeon)


pet, 28.07.2023 19:00Kupola

sob, 29.07.2023 23:00Kovačija

ned, 30.07.2023 14:00Kovačija