Naked - Srećna Tuga

Etno concert

The style of the band is complex, unaffected, merged. Elements of Balkan traditions, with a touch of Mediterranean, African and Eastern European traditions, in synergy with the features of jazz, funk, rock, free music and a lot of improvisation – all this together creates a recognizable Naked-sound. That sound carries a lot of emotional layers – rebellion, melancholy, joy… A kind of "Happy Sadness", as a "general state" of the group's musical poetics, is especially embodied on the fifth album of the same name (Srećna tuga/Happy Sadness), which is in front of us.

Branislav Radojković bass // Goran Milošević drumms // Djordje Mijušković violin // Djordje Kujundžić saxophone // Ivan Teofilović clarinet


sob, 29.07.2023 21:00Kupola