Nis Fee Brender: Kai

dance theatre

A dance theatre piece with playful circus elements. Through a little window, it shows an insight into the dual life of Kai. Kai is the daughter of Intuition and her sister is Trust. They're never still. Kai is between the future and the past. Kai writes poems about memory and forgetting. She`s never still Uniting reality with magic. Kai only cries over spilled milk. Rhythmical silence surrounds her. She`s never still. She is like a naive witch, between light and shade, truth and fake. Kai chooses to be fragile, but she has immense power right from her womb. She`s never still. Kai keeps curiosity and fear distant from each other. She is a constantly shape-shifting state. She`s never still.

Nis Fee Brender: Dancer&Performer, Vitus Denifl: Musician&Performer


sob, 29.07.2023 13:00Polhstrešje