Pola Pola: Knitting

International improvisational theater collective

KNITTING It’s simple questions that let us dive deeper. What is connection? How can we tell we’re in relation to each other or anything? In Knitting connection becomes visible by a climbing rope on stage. A 70 meters long metaphor and an actual prop, the rope indicates closeness, loops and distance. Sara Šoukal developed this format and invites 3 improvisers to join her on stage to weave stories, swing from inspiration to action, tie spot-on knots and hold on to their discoveries. A show exploring physicality, offering bold images, fast switches and a desire to dive deeper.

Ollie Rasini, improviser (IT)// Láďa Karda, improviser (CZ)// Olivija Grafenauer, improviser (SI)// Sara Šoukal, improviser (SI).


sob, 29.07.2023 14:00DJ Ana