Progressive pop & songwriter

Ciao! I'm Porthos from Rome, Italy! We've already partecipated at Floating Castle last year and we can't wait to present you new songs and lots of news, meet again as we musicians and the public promised during the fantastic Floating events :)I like playing more genres to tell different stories, using Cuban, Italian pop, progressive, jazz, r'nB sounds... describe us yourself!

Porthos guitar-voice and acoustic guitar Shanti Colucci - drums Diego Tranquilli - electric guitar Vittorio Pagano - Bass Federico Pascucci - Tenor sax and Clarinet Giulia Pagliaricci - keys Chiara Cusumano - Videomaker Pierantonio Grassi - sound engineer


pet, 28.07.2023 15:00Kovačija

sob, 29.07.2023 23:00Gaber