Rhythmos Noir feat Rok Zalokar: Brodnica - Metamorphosis


“have you also learned this secret from the river: that time does not exist?” Ink is the water that runs everywhere at once, at its origin and at its mouth, to pass over time, it is better to know the timeless. When I became ink, I couldnt open my eyes, my body was covered with the blackness of the night. Which side do you see me? The light laughs at me, the dark like a clown plays with reality like a sandclock. I search for the in-between body so time tickles me to dye myself, ink or water, the colourful colourless surpise! Dance journey of metamorphosis through colours and textures with the rhythm of idealistic unity from early techno music that simply wanted to bring all into dance.

Darinka Pilari, dancer; Rok Zalokar, musician


pet, 28.07.2023 20:00Izvir