Teatro Matita: Being don Quichotte

Tragicomedy for two actors and a puppet

Puppet performance for two performers, a puppet and a bunch of unusual objects upgrades the motifs of the Cervantes’ novel and the visual poetics of the Czech master of surrealist film animation Jan Švankmaker with the personal confession of today’s creator, torn between idealism and the struggle for survival. Thus the fight with windmills is transferred into the context of a conflict between various theatre genres, as well as between material (puppet) and animator, tradition and postmodernism, between artistic idealism and pragmatism, artist and society. Being Don Quichotte is a dynamic theatrical composition of inventive staging techniques that takes us from Pythonesque comedy to the animation of objects, musical and improvised inserts.

Matija Solce, Filip Šebšajevič / Tines Špik - performer