Teatro Matita: Kuharica Micka

puppet sketch from a post box

Kuharica Micka is a scene taken from performance Kabaretluknja, based on Carroll's Alice in wonderland. In 2008 this show was the debut of Matija Solce as a director in Ljubljana puppet theatre. 10 years after putting it off the repertory, Kuharica Micka returns with the animator Miha Arh as a mini puppet show of Teatro Matita. On a beautiful summer day Mitzie le chef is baking cookies for the queen of hearts. There is also a child she is babysitting who makes her job even more interesting.

Miha Arh, performer


sob, 29.07.2023 13:00Polharski muzej

sob, 29.07.2023 14:00Polharski muzej