Teatro Matita: The Hatchet

intermedial cabaret

The Hatchet is an intermedial cabaret based on Fran Levstik's story Martin Krpan from Vrh pri Sveti Trojici. It reinterprets this iconic story by placing five animators, actors and musicians in the heart of an inn in Notranjska instead of the former imperial capital. The versatile performers reinterpret Levstik's well-known fairy tale by placing its motifs in a new context and weaving them together into a dynamic composition interwoven with the accordion, rock music, situational comedy, specific objects that are carefully crafted puppet elements and improvised passages. Intermedial puppet cabaret The Hatchet is an interactive, relaxed yet complex and socially critical performance that uniquely combines elements of alternative conceptual art and rustic comedy.

Matija Solce, direction, music and performer; Filip Šebšajevič, Miha Arh, Miha Razdrih, Tines Špik, performer; Larisa Kazić, stagedesign; Brane Solce and Sanja Fidler, puppets


pet, 28.07.2023 01:00Kovačija
Pozor! Dogodek se odvija v noči iz ČET na PET oz. ČET pooozno zvečer :)