The World of Muhsin Bey

Interactive Puppets and Music

The World of Muhsin Bey - Interactive puppet and music performance - For all audiences / Duration : 50 min - 1h. Muhsin Bey, a body puppet, comes to life in his chair and discovers the world around him. Through his encounter with objects, people and emotions, and without a single word, Muhsin Bey explores his reality. Between laughter and surprise, we follow the inner journey of Muhsin Bey who leads us to question our own relationship to the world. Accompanied with Gabriel Meidinger on the violin and with a loop station, puppeteer Cansu Akdeniz performs this interactive tale about curiosity, our differences and the beauty of living. Working as a multidisciplinary puppeteer, Cansu Akdeniz is inspired by the city, its people and their routine. With her company Flanör Kukla, she performs her original shows in theaters, festivals and in street performances aiming to reach the mind and the soul of her audience. French violinist and ethnomusicologist based in Istanbul, Gabriel Meidinger is a folk musician who studies traditions. Founder of the band Seyyah and of Kadıköy Sessions, an artistic community in Istanbul, he is involved in the promotion and development of folk music in Turkey and beyond

Cansu Akdeniz - Puppeteer // Gabriel Meidinger: Musician


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Pozor! Dogodek se odvija v noči iz ČET na PET oz. ČET pooozno zvečer :)

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