Techno balkan rap

Tygroo is a band, playing mostly wind instruments and drums, sometimes accordion. Their music is a wild mix of EDM, balkan, jazz, and rap. Each of their original compostions uses different ingredients of these genres, and combines them in different ways, creating surprising and seemingly impossible fusions. Thus, the entire concert is a sort of a journey from one unexpected thing to another, just deeper and deeper (or higher) in a dance-trance. For the band, thier live shows are a ritual, an opportunity to rediscover the ancient animal madness within, a moment when the individual joyfully dissolves in the music and dance, together with the band, together with the audience.

Šimon Janák, David Lomič, Matěj Heiznl, Vojtěch Stolbenko, Ladislav Štěřba


pet, 28.07.2023 17:00Kovačija

ned, 30.07.2023 00:00Amfiteater
Pozor! Dogodek se odvija v noči iz SOB na NED oz. SOB pooozno zvečer :)