site-specific theatrical playground

This theatrical playground offers self-operated variable game elements through the joint theme of gardening. The audience can enter the space of the theatre playground at any point during the course of three hours. Also moving about the playground are the gardeners and musicians, who offer theatrical interactions. Theatre, concert, and game are thus threaded into a single whole. The playground can work both as off-programme for summer festivals and individually. The playground can work both indoors and outdoors.

Anežka Heinzlová, Matěj Heinzl, Vendula Tomšů, Jan Tomšů, Adam Krátký, Dorota Krátká


čet, 27.07.2023Zmeraj in Povsod

pet, 28.07.2023Zmeraj in Povsod

sob, 29.07.2023Zmeraj in Povsod