Etno, free jazz, impromusic concert

Trio Kibiri appears as a remnant of misspelled pre-Greek dwarf deities, supposed protectors of sailors, like crabs from under a rug they found themselves in London suburbia to reclaim old cultures and influences into a primordial soundscape of almost extinct urges. No need to replace hands for pincers to get the instruments' interior unravel in front of your ears. Improvisation and structure intertwine as unpredictably as the history itself. Etno, Free jazz, Impromusic, etc. What doesn't break ears makes them hungrier.

Hamza Mullick - acustic and electric guitar //Zot Lukta - clarinet, bass clarinet, musical saw // Jay Brown - Drums and percussion


pet, 28.07.2023 18:00Pedentarska (Grad)