17. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

Cena 350€

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The participants will learn how to make a movement illusion - animation out of singular pictures. They will know how to make from a sequence of singular pictures a linear movement, acceleration and deceleration. They will also learn how to make animation based on rhythm or/ and music.

Mitja Manček (SI)

Mitja Manček, born 1987 in Postojna (SLO), starts exploring animated film by the age of 10. In the year 2007 he scratches the movie tape and creates Death, an art piece that in the next year gets him a diploma of the Serbian department of international assembly of animators at the european festival of animated film Balkanima. In the y. 2007 he is admitted to the Czech film school Zlín, where he graduated two years after in artistic image of animated film. He is self employed in culture and čives and works in Slovenia.

In 2015 he made another piece by using the forementioned technique named Composition, and the sam year Composition got a national award for the Best experimental film at the Festival of slovenian film in Portorož, it got a special mention fro experimental animation in festival Balkanima, the next year the piece got an award for Best sound at Prague international festival of animated film and an honorary mention Andreas Hykade at festival Etiuda& Anima in Poland.

Laurel is his jubilee 20. Animated movie that received 10 awards out of 9 international festivals and events. This piece was made in 2021 and with it the artist returns to drawing on paper technique. A technique the artist used to explore before going to study in Prague. Besides techniques already mentioned he also uses computer 2D animation, with which he created most of the films after the studies. During the studies he was testing his skills in pixelation technique and puppet animation.

Since 2010 he teaches workshops of film animation at elementary schools and film festivals.

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