17. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

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Ethno Histeria World Orchestra is an international project that has been bringing together musicians from all over the world for more than 20 years. Every year in the middle of the summer, musicians from almost all continents of the world travel either to Slovenian Istria or to Snežnik Castle, where they intensively rehearse the program that they create together during the workshops. The musicians exchange folk and traditional compositions from their own surroundings, in some cases also original compositions, which are then manifested in the sound of the original interpretation of the 70 to 100 member orchestra.

After an intensive week of mutual learning and creation, the orchestra ventures on a tour of Slovenia and at concerts serves a delicious music mixture of songs from all over the world. Orchestra is led by a group of experienced mentors, plays without notes and because of its improvisational nature every concert of its tour is a new and unexpected event for both the listeners and the orchestra.

The goal of these workshops is the journey, not the product and perhaps more than on the folk and ethno music itself, the emphasis is on the folk tradition of passing the music on and into the world.

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