22. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

Cena 350€

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Vocal improvisation with a dash of folk.

At this masterclass we will work on different methods of collective improvisation in a bigger vocal group. We will deal with opening different vocal techniques and make compositions in the moment. 

Zvezdana Novaković (SI)

Zvezdana Novaković ZveN is a versatile muscil creator and performer. She has covered everything from etno to theater music to electronic experimentation. In the last decade she has collaborated in many projects and in many different fields. The range cover theater stages and concert venues, she has worked with Laibach, Svetlana Makarovič, has travelled from Bolgaria to Brasilia and has explored ancient traditions, electronic music, puppets and has stepped into the performative field with the director Jernej Lorenci. She covers classical and jazz techniques, she teaches vocal tehniques, studies composition and is tipping her toes into storytelling and playing harf. All of this is connected with her signature voice. As she likes to say: I am difficult to put in one drawer. It is possible. But the rules have to change.

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