22. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

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This class will attempt to furnish the tools of an improvised Greek Tragedy in the style of Aeschylus. We will work on a big, intense, and emotional acting style. A combination of choreography and dramatic dialogue between humans, the chorus, and the gods, will bring to life the archetypal themes of Greek tragedy: Fate, revenge, injustice, and power. Mad prophets, invocations to the gods, betrayals, assassinations, battles, celebrations, satyrs, and songs. The approach will be highly physical, focused on a dynamic and choral use of the body and a playful and creative use of the space.

A big part of the class will be devoted to the chorus, which will be central to our performances. Chorus members are always on stage and their actions create the story one step at a time. The beauty of the chorus is its synchronicity, which in improvisation we can replicate only through intense listening of our partners. The masterclass will focus on creating a 45-minute performance of an improvised Greek Tragedy, as well as shorter interventions throughout the festival that may involve smaller groups of audience members.

It is recommended that students read Aeschylus' Oresteia before the class to familiarize themselves with plots and themes.

Ollie Rasini (IT)

Ollie Rasini is an Italian-American improviser and trained actress who loves movement. She is part of Teatro a Molla improv company in Bologna and teaches theatre workshops aimed at adults, young adults, people with disabilities, and social workers. She also teaches workshops about the works of William Shakespeare with Teatro delle Due and performs in Shakespeare productions and other scripted theatre regularly.

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