22. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

Cena 350€

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This workshop will offer a respectful and encouraging environment for individual dance explorations and group reflections. We will delve into our individual physicalities and senses, allow ourselves to be touched by what surrounds us, and investigate the endless possibilities of what dance can be.

You can expect to meet elements of contemporary dance practice and contact improvisation, to reflect over conventions, to improvise, and to compose in the moment. Do not hesitate to apply if your training background is in something seemingly unrelated (hiphop, ballroom, martial arts etc.). Remember, differences drive reflection.

Over the course of five days, we will also draw inspiration from the festival environment and create shorter dance interventions for the Floating Castle Festival.

Do we know what dance is? What is dance and what could it be? Let’s explore together and let us be surprised!

Who: for dancers with strong dance foundations and experience. Different dance training traditions are welcome. From 17 years and older.

Zala Pezdir (SI/SE)

Zala is an extremely well-rounded dance artist with over two decades of experience in creating, performing, writing about, and teaching dance. Her expertise spans a wide range of styles and approaches, including classical ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, music in movement, movement in music, dance for health and social cohesion, the sensory body, the cultural body, and other wildly different aspects that together build a truly holistic world. She is a native of Slovenia who now lives in Sweden and works internationally. She loves interdisciplinary work, herself being a dancer, cultural anthropologist, and a musician.

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