20. 7. - 30. 7. 2023

Cena 350€

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This masterclass is for all the people who want and like to throw things in the air. We will explore different techniques of manipulation of objects, group awareness, designing group pictures through the task of creating "machines”, we will learn individual and group juggling and most of all we'll have fun. We will learn different juggling tricks, we will practice static and moving juggling, we will test ourselves by passing the object with short and long distances between us, we will do exercises in improvisation. All of that while deeply respecting the basic principles of street theater. We will work on the dynamics of things in the air and among us, group tempo and the technique of figure. We might come up with one or two of our own.

We welcome well seasoned jugglers who love to publicly show off their skills, we welcome aficionados of abstract art and we also welcome total beginners. If you are tickled by reading this, but you don’t know how to juggle, take the bull by the balls! We won’t teach the basics of juggling in the workshop itself, but we will find a way for all participants to enjoy and learn something new.

Cirkokrog collective (SI)

The Cirkokrog collective and other members is a group of individuals that finds a lot of freedom in improvised collective movement and has been working on group creations and leading workshops for many years. The knowledge was accumulated by the members through peer to peer experiences, at various workshops, masterclasses and conventions under the tutorhip of well experienced circus artists and pedagogues. Regarding to performative art section of the collective, the background is street theater, theater of the oppressed, physical theater, circus schools, creating in bigger groups and making their own productions. The rehearsals of the collective, gatherings and common movement is a non verbal manifesto of our work: our bodies collaborate, play and support each other. They are the metaphor of how we generally connect as individuals.

This is a volunteer, independent, non government association with non profit goals. It encompasess circus pedagogues, young and youth workers that use circus activities with which they enable and support creative expression, the filling of being connected and collaboration, nurture, education, self empowerment, promotion, security or help for activatization of kids, youth and other groups.

In the context of the association we develop circus pedagogics as a way of pedagogic work and informal education of kids, youth and adults. Circus pedagogs who work in the association come mainly from the background of social pedagogics and other pedagogical or humanistic spheres. Since 2005 we have been leading circus pedagogical workshops, adjusted to different populations of children and youth and suited for different settings; we give the workshops at schools, different educational institutions, festivals, youth centres and social events. We also make circus pedagogical education seminars for youth workers and students and also youth camps.

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